Campaigns are expensive.  However, the right tools can help you spend less money, have more time, and generate more positive cash flow. That is why ELECT, Inc. delivers the tools necessary to make sure your victory party will be just that: a victory party.

ELECT Fundraising Software is a powerful tool that will alleviate some of the stress that revolves around one of the most important aspects of any campaign: raising money.  ELECT Fundraising Software allows you to generate targeted letters and track income and expenses. This drastically reduces the amount of time spent on paperwork and allows you and your staff to concentrate on contributor contact.

As long standing experts in Illinois Disclosure regulations and processes, ELECT, Inc. promises to meet the needs of your organization.

E.L.E.C.T. Fundraising Software Capabilities 

  • All electronic disclosure documents including:  D-2s and A-1s
  • Create mailing labels, letters and thank you notes directly from your database
  • Track and sort contributors by type
  • Create detailed contributors lists to make follow up contacts
  • Use reports to track the success of your fundraising efforts
  • Print checks and follow check book expenses
  • Create numerous reports including: income and expense reports
  • Multiple committees in one program
  • Over 70 user defined fields to allow you to pinpoint specific contributor categories
  • High level of data security